Flash Action Script 3

Module 1 Agenda

Reading Activities

Course Content

Module Overview

In this module, you will will develop a broad understanding of Moodle and Wonderfl interface. These two learning environments will help  to effectively learn the subject matter and collaborate with each other. Before starting  the course please take a few minutes to complete the following course readiness survey.

Course Readiness Survey


1. Read about Moodle at  http://docs.moodle.org/23/en/About_Moodle

2. Watch the instructor’s video about Moodle.

3. Logon to Moodle, read syllabus and module activities, and write an introduction in discussion board.

4. Read the Wiki about Wonderfl.

5. Create an account in Wonderfl, write “Hello World” syntax (the code and instruction are located in course content/codes), and use Wonderfl Chat tool to communicate with other students.


Hello world script

* we will learn how to write a Class later in this course. please just copy and paste the code in to the livecode in wonderfl and try to replace " hello world" with your own text to see the result. here is the code



package {

    import flash.display.Sprite;

    import flash.text.TextField;

    public class FlashTest extends Sprite {

        public function FlashTest() {

            // write as3 code here..

            var tf=new TextField()

            tf.text="Hello World"